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Work & Coffee: Important correlations

Okay we admit it,  this isn’t the most business focused blog post we’ve done so far but oh well!   Coffee,  the brown stuff,  well maybe not “THE brown stuff” (this is not the blog for that!)  but nonetheless a magic brown/black drink that gives us all sorts of powers!

Forget B2B, B2C and all other those other superfluous extras!   They might not be possible without the fuel and driving force of pre-crunched coffee beans (or self crushed for the true aficionados).   It helps us concentrate pure and simple,  gets us going in the morning,  stops us from getting grumpy with technology and does many other wonders!

We’ll leave it short and sweet,  like the espresso beside me.   In short,  today’s blog post: coffee is the bees knees,  the canines unmentionables (our PC spin on it) and helps us get things done!

Just so you know we’re not exaggerating the powers of Coffee (or rather, work & coffee together!),  here’s a lovely infographic from Zoho Blogs visualising it nicely!

The good brew

Coffee = awesome

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