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The Importance of Colour Choice in Marketing and Design

Colour choice is a crucial element of advertising and marketing.   From a business perspective,  colour is the foremost focus of design.   Posters to TV adverts;  company logos to slogans,  a lot of thought is put into which colour to use in which element.   Rightly so,  as each colour conveys a message and getting the right message across is marketing 101!

Various colours may help you differentiate between organisations instantly and what they focus on.   Take our logo for example,  we’re a promotional products B2B business,  so we’ve chosen strong corporate colours to convey this.

So what marketing message is your branding conveying?   Perhaps you haven’t realised what your company colours say about your business.   Well we’ve included an essential infographic below,  from the smart folks at,  which provides a full breakdown of colour use in marketing!   The only problem is that they spell it  “color”,  however that is a blog topic on its own!   Enjoy!

The Colour Use Guide

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