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SEO Google Robot

  Think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as being like PR for search engines. In a world where most of us freely admit we’d be lost without Google, think of the millions of potential visitors to your website you could be missing out on if it’s not optimized for search! Good SEO will help expose you’re website to people who are searching for your products or services – that’s the black and white of it. […]


Consumers Love Promotional Products!

For many years, promotional merchandise has been a firm favourite for marketing and advertising campaigns, but why? Does the consumer really care about the promotional pen she’s just received? More importantly, what impact has the generosity of giving away that free promotional product had on the image of your business? Well, it turns out consumers really do care about their shiny new promotional pens – more so than we’d hoped. In addition to this, the […]

Social Media Timing: The Crucial Factor

Okay,  so there is never a specifically good time to be social,  but there are certainly good times to be social networking!

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Twitter

Twitter is great, when it is used in the right way.  It can help you engage and acquire customers, build relationships, give great customer service and stay on top of trending topics. Since the wide scale adoption of social media for business however, Twitter is often utilised as an afterthought and a way to attempt to capitalize on the medium’s stellar success and popularity. The problem with

How to Email Outreach to Launch Your Content Marketing!

The Power of Outreach How many times have you created a fantastic piece of content, poured hours of work and thought into it, only to see it receive a few measly tweets and nothing more?  If your answer was anything other than never,  then read on my friend!  In this

8 Must Do’s for Giving Good Customer Service

Customer Service is easy right?  We all know the basics and know how to keep our customers coming back for more right?  Well not necessarily.  A lot of businesses assume they tick these boxes, but almost all have many areas for improvement, which is why we’ve

Pinning is Winning

Pinterest is great!   There’s no other way to say it! We’ve taken a real shine to the fairly new social platform,  which has exploded with popularity recently.   For good reason too,  where else can you “pin” your most liked visual content on a virtual board for all to see?!   RIP photoboard on the wall.

Grow Your Business Engagement Using Content Marketing

Simple to understand,  content is king!   This saying gets banded around a lot these days when referring to SEO and social media but it has a lot of truth behind it.   Many businesses will search far and wide on how to create effective content or the best way to engage with their prospects,  but its simple really;  create content that is relative to the business and Be Human!

The Science Behind Social Timing

Social Media Timing is crucial! As more businesses flock to social media to try and hook the masses in to their website,  the specifics of post content and timing are often overlooked.   Indeed organisations often see social media as a supplementary asset,  a marketing facet that doesn’t require many resources or much thought.   The reality is quite different;  getting the content and timing right can be the difference between engaging with clients/customers and having […]