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Content marketing vs traditonal marketing

In today’s fast-paced, ever changing world of marketing, traditional methods are losing the punch they once had more and more by the day. People no longer care to have products shoved down their throats; they no longer pay attention to it. Times have changed; we’ve become almost immune to product placement and other traditional marketing methods. When was the last time you noticed a website banner advertising the next big smart phone? Or noticed one […]

B2B Or Not 2B

As a B2B business for over 10 years,  there are several things we have learned about the nature of marketing in the  B2B realm.   What separates us from the B2C’s of the world?   Do we need to think differently and why? The marketing lines between B2B and B2C businesses are becoming more blurred.   Depending on who you ask,  B2B and B2C principles don’t mix!   But we’re here as a B2B business to dispel […]

Guerilla Marketing: Techniques and Ideas

Like other Businesses out there,  we love the thought of Guerilla Marketing! Insight, innovation, creativity, shock, awe and humour are all things associated with a good Guerilla Campaign,  but where do you start?   The web is rife with Big company examples,  with memorable campaigns often being by big budget organisations aiming to make their brand more “fun”.  What we will dissect,  is the ingredients that make up a popular guerilla marketing campaign,  so that we […]