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World Pipe Band Championships 2015

The Worlds logo

Fan of Scotland, Piping, great Music or just good banter? Well “The Worlds” smiling on you because we (BigintheUK) are going to be at the World Pipe Band Championships. #BigtheWorlds On the Friday (14th August 2015) the gates open at 8am so come and visit us. The official competition opens at 11am. On Saturday (it opens at 7am) there will be a Worlds Highland Games (12 noon-4pm). If you have children there is a Kids […]

Do Promotional Products Work?

Now then,  do promotional products work?   The obvious answer to this question is a BIG resounding YES!   That’s why we’re here after all,  but in this post we would like to show you why promotional products are effective! Promotional products are,  at the very core,  another form of advertising.   TV,  Radio and Printed Publishing are all tried and tested forms of advertising,  and if you have the budget for it,  great!   For […]