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Pinning is Winning

Pinterest is great!   There’s no other way to say it! We’ve taken a real shine to the fairly new social platform,  which has exploded with popularity recently.   For good reason too,  where else can you “pin” your most liked visual content on a virtual board for all to see?!   RIP photoboard on the wall.

Your Calling Card!

Business cards are great when it comes to brand awareness and networking!   A credit card sized info sheet showing your company’s credentials,  a perfect way to branch those business connections. Like all forms of advertising, however

Do Promotional Products Work?

Now then,  do promotional products work?   The obvious answer to this question is a BIG resounding YES!   That’s why we’re here after all,  but in this post we would like to show you why promotional products are effective! Promotional products are,  at the very core,  another form of advertising.   TV,  Radio and Printed Publishing are all tried and tested forms of advertising,  and if you have the budget for it,  great!   For […]

The Importance of Colour Choice in Marketing and Design

Colour choice is a crucial element of advertising and marketing.   From a business perspective,  colour is the foremost focus of design.   Posters to TV adverts;  company logos to slogans,  a lot of thought is put into which colour to use in which element.   Rightly so,  as each colour conveys a message and getting the right message across is marketing 101!

The Science Behind Social Timing

Social Media Timing is crucial! As more businesses flock to social media to try and hook the masses in to their website,  the specifics of post content and timing are often overlooked.   Indeed organisations often see social media as a supplementary asset,  a marketing facet that doesn’t require many resources or much thought.   The reality is quite different;  getting the content and timing right can be the difference between engaging with clients/customers and having […]