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Consumers Love Promotional Products!

For many years, promotional merchandise has been a firm favourite for marketing and advertising campaigns, but why? Does the consumer really care about the promotional pen she’s just received? More importantly, what impact has the generosity of giving away that free promotional product had on the image of your business? Well, it turns out consumers really do care about their shiny new promotional pens – more so than we’d hoped. In addition to this, the […]

If You Want to Build Brand Image: Do These 5 Things Immediately!

Creating a good brand image is the goal of every business from the outset.  Good brand image = Good brand perception,  it’s how people perceive your brand and you want that to be good! A bad brand image is a one way ticket to

Your Calling Card!

Business cards are great when it comes to brand awareness and networking!   A credit card sized info sheet showing your company’s credentials,  a perfect way to branch those business connections. Like all forms of advertising, however

The Importance of Colour Choice in Marketing and Design

Colour choice is a crucial element of advertising and marketing.   From a business perspective,  colour is the foremost focus of design.   Posters to TV adverts;  company logos to slogans,  a lot of thought is put into which colour to use in which element.   Rightly so,  as each colour conveys a message and getting the right message across is marketing 101!