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Content marketing vs traditonal marketing

In today’s fast-paced, ever changing world of marketing, traditional methods are losing the punch they once had more and more by the day. People no longer care to have products shoved down their throats; they no longer pay attention to it. Times have changed; we’ve become almost immune to product placement and other traditional marketing methods. When was the last time you noticed a website banner advertising the next big smart phone? Or noticed one […]

How to Email Outreach to Launch Your Content Marketing!

The Power of Outreach How many times have you created a fantastic piece of content, poured hours of work and thought into it, only to see it receive a few measly tweets and nothing more?  If your answer was anything other than never,  then read on my friend!  In this

B2B Or Not 2B

As a B2B business for over 10 years,  there are several things we have learned about the nature of marketing in the  B2B realm.   What separates us from the B2C’s of the world?   Do we need to think differently and why? The marketing lines between B2B and B2C businesses are becoming more blurred.   Depending on who you ask,  B2B and B2C principles don’t mix!   But we’re here as a B2B business to dispel […]

If You Want to Build Brand Image: Do These 5 Things Immediately!

Creating a good brand image is the goal of every business from the outset.  Good brand image = Good brand perception,  it’s how people perceive your brand and you want that to be good! A bad brand image is a one way ticket to