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SEO Google Robot

  Think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as being like PR for search engines. In a world where most of us freely admit we’d be lost without Google, think of the millions of potential visitors to your website you could be missing out on if it’s not optimized for search! Good SEO will help expose you’re website to people who are searching for your products or services – that’s the black and white of it. […]


Consumers Love Promotional Products!

For many years, promotional merchandise has been a firm favourite for marketing and advertising campaigns, but why? Does the consumer really care about the promotional pen she’s just received? More importantly, what impact has the generosity of giving away that free promotional product had on the image of your business? Well, it turns out consumers really do care about their shiny new promotional pens – more so than we’d hoped. In addition to this, the […]

Guerilla Marketing: Techniques and Ideas

Like other Businesses out there,  we love the thought of Guerilla Marketing! Insight, innovation, creativity, shock, awe and humour are all things associated with a good Guerilla Campaign,  but where do you start?   The web is rife with Big company examples,  with memorable campaigns often being by big budget organisations aiming to make their brand more “fun”.  What we will dissect,  is the ingredients that make up a popular guerilla marketing campaign,  so that we […]

5 Reasons Email Marketing is not Dead: And How to Use it Properly

“Email is Dead!”, We’ve been hearing this expression for some time now, as internet marketers everywhere switch their marketing strategies to social and inbound marketing for the new “phase” of digital marketing.  Balony!  Email is well and truly alive and although it doesn’t hold the same marketing weight as it once used to,  it should be

20 Best Blogs for Small Business

If you’re reading this, or you’ve read our previous articles, you’ll understand the importance we place on blogs; particularly for business (small business even more so)! Whether you’re a B2B organisation or you sell directly to consumers, you or your marketing department should be reading other blogs. Business blogs will firstly provide you with inspiration for your own blogging practices and secondly; sharpen your business functions of SEO, Marketing, Advertising and Design. After all

Your Calling Card!

Business cards are great when it comes to brand awareness and networking!   A credit card sized info sheet showing your company’s credentials,  a perfect way to branch those business connections. Like all forms of advertising, however

Do Promotional Products Work?

Now then,  do promotional products work?   The obvious answer to this question is a BIG resounding YES!   That’s why we’re here after all,  but in this post we would like to show you why promotional products are effective! Promotional products are,  at the very core,  another form of advertising.   TV,  Radio and Printed Publishing are all tried and tested forms of advertising,  and if you have the budget for it,  great!   For […]