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Social Media Timing: The Crucial Factor

Okay,  so there is never a specifically good time to be social,  but there are certainly good times to be social networking!

We’ve all been there,  writing the perfect 140 character blurb of wisdom,  only to see it lost in the vast void of global witticisms shared at the same time.   Okay maybe not everything on there is witty or wise,  but you get the idea!   Not gaining a single Like or ReTweet when your post deserves at least a few (don’t be modest now) is not ideal when you’re trying to grow engagement.   To solve this little dilemma we’ve posted an infographic below that has helped us in our social media efforts in the past,  and we love using it as a general guideline.

Each and every post counts and especially as a business,  you never know who may stumble on your incredible post/tweet/share.   So getting it right is crucial!

The good folks at Social Caffeine made this little golden nugget of data to show the best and worst times to post to social networks!   Enjoy!


Social Timing

The Best Time To Post To Social Networks

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