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Pinning is Winning

Pinterest is great!   There’s no other way to say it!

We’ve taken a real shine to the fairly new social platform,  which has exploded with popularity recently.   For good reason too,  where else can you “pin” your most liked visual content on a virtual board for all to see?!   RIP photoboard on the wall.

Now we love Pinterest,  not to gaze at mad interior design ideas on a daily basis,  but as a visual showcase of our portfolio,  a business idea pool and an endless resource of infographics!   Which we’ve caught on with and are in the process of creating our own (watch this space)!

So if you’re a business and have a very visual portfolio of products,  we recommend joining the pin craze!  Karen Leland has created a fantastic inforgraphic below,  which we ironically discovered on pinterest,  which shows the ten best ways to use pinterest for business!

Pinterest for businesses

Pinterest for business


Pinning is Winning,  we’ll see you there!

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