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Opening Game: The World Cup and Business

The opener of the World Cup yesterday was a scorcher!   Forgetting the defensive failings of Brazil and the obvious weaknesses,  they still put on a show!   Croatia looked a strong side and on another night,  it could have been a very different scoreline!   End to end stuff though,  and that is always entertaining!

We can’t wait for the second match tonight at 5pm!   Although not labeled as exciting as the match that follows it (2010 final rematch for those wondering) we think we’ll be in for a good footballing surprise!   Daily Mail has a good write up on the technical stuff.

That’s our 2 cents,  now we’ve sat the part time football pundit in us,  back down!   Let’s talk a little business since that’s what we do!

We love the world cup,  not simply because it’s footballing heaven, (cue mental associations of unlived child hood football dreams,  beer,  joy,  atmosphere,  high pitched giddy girl screaming) but for the effect it has on the whole world,  football lover or not.   It unites people,  everyone shares a common ground and topic for discussion,  businesses go crazy with promotions and discounts and it turns into a marketing frenzy!   A showcase of marketing talent and ideas,  promoted tweets and boosted hashtags,  opportunity and engagement potential.   Only a sporting event like the World Cup,  really can bring out the best in business effort!

That’s why we love it so!

We’re not ones to stand on the sidelines either!   We’ve introduced our first business World Cup offer in celebration of a 3 goal bonanza by Brazil yesterday.  A triple whammy:   Free Carriage,  Free Origination and Free Design on any of our items,  till the end of play on Monday at 5pm:  BIG In The UK.

Other promotional products companies,  up your game!

There will be plenty more to come during the course of the competition,  so if you want to promote your business,  in the most cost-effective way possible,  get on board!

P.S I know we said the football pundit in us has sat down, but he’s fidgety and he will be back,  this we cannot stop!

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