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If You Want to Build Brand Image: Do These 5 Things Immediately!

Creating a good brand image is the goal of every business from the outset.  Good brand image = Good brand perception,  it’s how people perceive your brand and you want that to be good! A bad brand image is a one way ticket to business failure.  But building a good brand image is a slow gruelling process that is essentially building the business itself… Isn’t it?  Well yes but the slow gruelling part doesn’t need to be true.  Here we have 5 simple and effective steps you can do to hit home your brand image:



1.  Use your Key Words in all forms of Marketing

Your key words say everything about you!  More than little nuggets for Google to chew on they are a result of what you as a brand wish to rank for and subsequently what you represent / sell / do as a business.  When referring to your business in a social context using your brand name alongside a keyword will likely create a positive association.  For instance we are BiGintheUK Promotional Products and we are not afraid to show it!  You will regularly find us tweeting as “BiGintheUK Promotional Products” or “Glasgow’s Favourite Business” re-emphasising our brand with our Key Words!  Try it:  Start tweeting in the 2nd person.  Don’t be “bob the builder: who can be contacted for your building needs”,  become the “Bob the Builder:  The UK’s foremost Construction Contractor, easily reachable at…”


2. Advertise across Social Channels

Once you have your social strap lines just right,  it’s time to launch your marketing communications with them and get your message in front of people.  The quickest, easiest and relatively cheapest way of doing this,  is by exploring paid advertising over social media.  Social platforms are set up such that they are geared towards making money from brands and businesses and so to effectively get your message in front of the right people,  you will need a little bit of a boost (excuse the Facebook pun).  Facebook targeting is simple in that it will let you choose your key demographics,  pick a budget and promote away to achieve one of a number of objectives such as increasing the number of “likes” your post or page receives.  The rest will be down to your personal brand message that you want to portray.


3. Boast!

There’s nothing like a glowing review or testimonial of your business to build brand value and increase the rating of your business.  Trust is an important asset to brand image and effectively “boasting” about your previous achievements or projects for big organisations will help you convey this!  Add a testimonial section to your site, Invite reviews for your products, Encourage case studies from customers, Shout from the rooftops!  Okay maybe avoid that last one,  unless you’re practising that motivational speaking pitch!  As you build your “boasting” portfolio,  customers will begin to take notice and attribute higher trust to your business.


4. Provide Content

As described above, trust is crucial for building brand value. Customers are more likely to trust an opinion leader, or expert in their industry. Social media is a great tool for advertising, however, the best brands look to use social media for, well, being social. Sharing advice and relevant high quality content with audiences will improve perceptions towards your brand and, as long as what you share is of a high enough quality, your business will attract new fans, readers and increased social media engagement. Providing advice and tips with your audience will showcase your areas of expertise and will present your business with the potential to attract new customers who are interested in what you, the expert, has to offer.


5. Embrace the Brand

Cover your business in your brand. One of the best ways to build brand value is to integrate the brand logo, typefaces, colour scheme, and tagline wherever possible. Customers are more likely to remember your brand and strapline if it is consistently  used in all forms of communication. Having corporate branding throughout all traditional marketing materials, letterheads, stationery, websites, online stores, social media accounts and email signatures as well many other touchpoints of your business will create a very consistent and professional image for your business. So, don’t be afraid to logo-slap anywhere and everywhere… in fact, we have just the thing!


We’ve covered 5 of the basic must-do’s for building a strong brand image. For a visual breakdown, see the insightful infographic below from the wonderful people at 

Building Brand Image

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