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Glasgow’s Favourite Business 2014/15!

What an honour;  It’s official!  We are Glasgow’s Favourite Business 2014/15!

We were presented with this prestigious award at a glitzy ceremony in the Hilton Glasgow; organised by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.  A fun night, enjoyed by all and enjoyed a lot more when they announced us as winners!  In a category with giant favourites such as Glasgow Airport and The Kings Theatre here is the story of a small Dalmarnock based company overcoming the odds to win a most prestigious award!

We were and always have been Glasgow’s BIG secret!  You may not know us by name, but chances are if you’ve been to a concert, football match, show or any other BIG event in Glasgow over the last 10 years, you’ll have one of our t-shirts or pieces of merchandise as memorabilia. To win an award like Glasgow’s Favourite Business we had to ensure people knew us by name; so began a month long campaign around “Glasgow’s BIG secret”; making people aware who we are, what we’ve done and why people may be fond of us.

We were to ensure that our branding was spot on, our message clear and to avoid the easily made, but dangerous mistake, of looking arrogant or boasting.  The marketing goal behind this project was not to client “name slap” but to achieve trust with people and be clear as to why people should care about our activity and who we’ve worked with!  In the end, it was a resounding success; an announcement, charismatic speech from our Director and several bottles of champagne later, here we are; Glasgow’s Favourite Business 2014/15!


Lessons Learned


Email marketing, Social Media and Word of Mouth all played a crucial role in getting our message across to the people who voted for us.

Email Marketing

This was our chance to share with everyone of our clients past and present and people on our mailing list, the fact that we were nominees of this prestigious category!  With a nice blank canvas of html, our designers and marketing team got to work to create a variety of “Mailers” that could be sent to a switched on client base who are already interested in our products.

We also created additional mailers for our clients to share with their client / employee base as a method of reaching out and we were surprised and humbled by the response once we sent clients a customised mailer.  The key here as way of reaching out was the time taken and the emphasis on customising each mailer for our different clients, they feel it was appreciated and as a result were more likely to share it.

Social Media

Social Media shares were also a crucial part in our message reaching its intended audience, we reached out again to clients for shares of our award posts as well as being active every single day on the lead up to the close of voting.

We had great reception and people got behind our story in droves!  We communicated our message effectively and as a result gained numerous brand advocates and fans that previously had no idea who we were or what we had done for the city of Glasgow. A passionate city needed a passionate message and campaign, and that is exactly as we delivered it!

Promotion, shares, fans are good but we were going up against Glasgow Airport and The Kings Theatre here, two giants and businesses that are easily relatable by consumers.  We had to really hit home with the campaign and ensure that our votes were coming in the thousands, for the employees of Glasgow Airport alone, could win it for them, we thought.  Little did we know that, we “won by a land slide” to quote Russell Leadbetter of the Evening Times!

Glasgow's Favourite Promotional Products Provider

Glasgow’s Favourite Business 2014/15!

A happy looking bunch wouldn’t you say?!

What Now?


So there we have our campaign story, a little insight into the ongoings behind the scene prior to the award ceremony.  Here at WikiPromo however, our focus is always to make our posts useful to the business world and share tips on marketing and small business.  For that reason we are going to discuss the implications of what this award means and the benefits it will bring to our clients and business readers!

Now that the dust has settled and the campaign is finished, we have a responsibility to work even harder.  Gaining a title like Glasgow’s favourite business for a year means we are to maximise the opportunities that are available to us through such an award!  People are naturally interested in working with Glasgow’s Favourite Business and we had BIG interest and enquiries the very next day following the awards.  To maximise the impact we are making on the back of this award and as an appreciative and promotional campaign, we’re launching ourselves as BiGinGlasgow!  This will allow us to maximise the exposure from winning the award and represent our wonderful city at

Fear not clients, as the name change does not draw away from our services as a UK business, quite the contrary!  On the back of this award we’ve begun expansion of the business and we already have new staff members dedicated to further providing the service you have come to rely on and trust from BiGintheUK!  Offers and promotions will be better and more frequent, the website and promotional products will be easier than ever to navigate and we’ll be launching special business clubs and deals that allow you to maximise your own promotions at a lower cost than before, all at!




The biggest business and marketing tip that we can share from this, is that winning an award is not only an ego boost, it is a gateway to further expansion of your business and crucially more clients and leads.  If you have won an award, it is for a reason, the very least you should do is promote that fact to anyone that will listen!  An award is also a trust symbol, perfect for displaying on your website and all outgoing correspondence; clients respond well to seeing a decoration as it is a measure of quality!

Hence if you are a business that is loved by your client base and you have the service and reputation to back up your business,  research your industry awards; they’re are most likely lots that you haven’t heard of.  Following this, reach out to your clients and brand fans to nominate you for the awards and you might be surprised by the response.  Not everyone will nominate or vote for you,  but don’t let this dishearten you, the important thing is to maximise your outreach; create a social campaign, emails etc.  If you are then nominated, do everything in your power to win! Use social media campaigns, email newsletters, your website and even direct mail campaigns!  As is the focus of this article, winning an award can have untold benefits for your business!!

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