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How to Email Outreach to Launch Your Content Marketing!

The Power of Outreach

How many times have you created a fantastic piece of content, poured hours of work and thought into it, only to see it receive a few measly tweets and nothing more?  If your answer was anything other than never,  then read on my friend!  In this WikiPromo post we cover exactly how to maximise the potential your super duper content has! That means the tricks needed to extract every last bit of link juice and social sharing for your article!

Okay so you created that killer content,  proof reading has been done, your colleagues are shouting your name from the rooftops;  what next?

Well we’re here to show you a method to promote that lovely content,  that you may have overlooked,  a powerful yet seldom used trick:



Digital outreach is one of the most powerful ways to promote content and used successfully;  can gain you social shares and links from some truly influential people,  giving it the boost it needs in order to grow.

Outreach is as basic as it sounds;  you reach out to bloggers and people of influence in order to help promote your content.  Now this may scare some of you,  reaching out cold to a successful and popular blogger can seem like a daunting task, but don’t be shy, you would be surprised at the amount of content that is promoted this way and by marketers of all walks!  So what’s the worst that can happen?  You won’t get a reply or the outreach you expected;  no biggie! Move on and create something even better next time and reach out to someone else.  Often popular marketers are simply far too busy to even consider promoting extra content let alone reply to you,  but there is plenty that can be done to maximise the sharing potential your content has.

Got it? Good! Now you may be wondering where to find these lovely people that will share your content,  well we’ve just the thing – consult our BiG wall of notes below for some lovely tips on what to look for:

Who uses post its anyway we hear you say,  relax we’re on to a computer screen now! -

Make sure the Email is legit!

So as the slides show above;  once you’ve found that perfect article round up and you think you have an in,  it’s time to email the author; is a thousand times better than  If you cannot identify an email address of use,  you can email the info address but specifically state that the message is For The Attention Of Jim etc.  Unless you follow those guidelines,  your message may never see the light of day let alone get passed to the author, so making sure you get your person is vital!

Now often when you email outreach you’re contacting bloggers that feature a weekly or monthly round up of articles in your industry, in the hope that they’ll feature your article in their next roundup.  A more powerful version of this trick is to dig out articles that are written around a “best of” approach, articles that have already proven popular and are widely shared.  If you reach out to the author and convince them that your content is better than some existing pieces on the list or that yours deserves to be included too;  the SEO and traffic benefit will potentially be huge!  To be featured in a high authority article with lots of shares and buzz will work wonders for your content promotion, SEO and the traffic you’ll receive from the link in the popular article.

For this to work remember;  your content must be excellent!  You have to be confident in the merit and wholeness of your content in order to be considered by popular bloggers and if you present a very short or weak piece of content,  they’re not going to get the best impression of your content for the future now are they?  So no pressure then!  It really isn’t as difficult as it may seem though,  have 4 or 5 people give you their opinions on your content before your reach out campaign and if it gets the all clear then go for it!  If you are reading thinking how on earth do I even create useful content;  have a browse around WikiPromo it’s a great starting point for all things content!


So now you know what to find, where to find it and who to contact, so how exactly do you reach out to these magnificent bloggers?  What do you say?  Chill out, we got you covered:


Crafting the email

Here we are,  the most important part of the recipe!  Keep it sweet and simple and be honest:  you’ve noticed they do a blog round up and you wondered whether they would include your article in this week / next weeks round-up

The one clear underlying fact that we’ve come to know about email outreach and just emailing in general is to keep it all simple, straight to the point and catchy.  Although this may sound easy,  you’d be surprised at how often you may find yourself overcomplicating or over-thinking and ending up with a wordy email that looks more like a sales pitch than anything else!

Be human and start with a simple introduction addressing the person by name and then a short descriptive message in what I like to call “the window”.  This is the short amount of time where you must make maximum impact and get across your message in before it is discarded by the reader and they lose interest.  It’s like in person where psychologists tell us that we have 7 seconds to make an impression on someone,  well this is the digital equivalent!

The number one point is to remember that your email is asking something of your target and so you must provide something of value back to them, so start with identifying what that is.  If you would like someone to share a blog post or idea,  then be sure that it will benefit them.  You are doing this by providing them with top content for their next blog post and hence actually saving them time and effort,  don’t mention this of course!  Just keep it simple like below:

P.S if you’re outreaching for social shares you can contact people you reference in your article and let them know,  thus providing them with value in the form of added PR..

Email Template 2



See… short and sweet,  this is what has given us success in the past and it works!  A recent example when working on a piece of content designed to promote our promotional pens range;  we sent out simple honest outreach emails and got positive feedback from over 5 bloggers with good social reach!  The post was a mix of marketing tips and pen info for the upcoming stationery week,  but it worked!  It is genuine and straight to the point,  no fluff!

Once you’ve sent out something akin to the above,  all you need to do is sit back and wait to see the results and if anyone has agreed to share your content then woop woop!  You’ve been successful!  So follow up by promoting their article using your own social media channels;  maximising the exposure you give yourself!

And that’s it!  A sharp guide to email outreach and how you can use it to really make content KING!



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