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Do Promotional Products Work?

Now then,  do promotional products work?   The obvious answer to this question is a BIG resounding YES!   That’s why we’re here after all,  but in this post we would like to show you why promotional products are effective!

Promotional products are,  at the very core,  another form of advertising.   TV,  Radio and Printed Publishing are all tried and tested forms of advertising,  and if you have the budget for it,  great!   For most SME’s however these forms of advertising are simply not worth it!   Aside from being expensive,  the advertising message in question may be missed by a large portion of the target audience;  since the message won’t last long and the client must be viewing that particular media platform when the Advert is displayed.

Promotional products differ substantially!   The items are such that they’re reusable and businesses can ensure each pen/usb/mug will be used by customers again and again,  thus repeatedly promoting brand awareness.   Furthermore each item will physically reach its target client,  thus giving close to a 100% yield for the advert.   Finally promotional products are a way of branding to people in their very homes,  an advertisers dream!

Combined with the low minimum quantity and entry costs,  promotional products are hard to beat for a solid ROI.


All perfectly good reasons to use promotional products,  but here’s the fun stuff,  the visuals,  the proof,  the pudding!

Why Promo Products Work!

An excellent Infographic,  from Leashables,  showing why promotional products are effective brand awareness mechanisms!


That is our response to this frequently asked question,  and to put it more simply:

People love free stuff  +  Businesses love brand awareness  =  Promotional Products.

Maths class over,  Phew!

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