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5 Reasons Email Marketing is not Dead: And How to Use it Properly

“Email is Dead!”, We’ve been hearing this expression for some time now, as internet marketers everywhere switch their marketing strategies to social and inbound marketing for the new “phase” of digital marketing.  Balony!  Email is well and truly alive and although it doesn’t hold the same marketing weight as it once used to,  it should be

8 Must Do’s for Giving Good Customer Service

Customer Service is easy right?  We all know the basics and know how to keep our customers coming back for more right?  Well not necessarily.  A lot of businesses assume they tick these boxes, but almost all have many areas for improvement, which is why we’ve

20 Best Blogs for Small Business

If you’re reading this, or you’ve read our previous articles, you’ll understand the importance we place on blogs; particularly for business (small business even more so)! Whether you’re a B2B organisation or you sell directly to consumers, you or your marketing department should be reading other blogs. Business blogs will firstly provide you with inspiration for your own blogging practices and secondly; sharpen your business functions of SEO, Marketing, Advertising and Design. After all

5 Uses For Promotional Products & How They Help Increase Sales

  Can Pens, T-shirts and Mugs really best Television, Radio and Print?  The short answer is yes!  We’ve already covered a post on whether promotional merchandise is effective, but if you want to know

5 Simple SEO Tricks You’re Not Doing

We’ve done much research on the SEO game;  through Hummingbirds, Pandas and Penguins!  Through it all we’ve picked up a lot of good and not so good information and changed our strategy accordingly and so should you, if you are still

Why Content is KING: For Small Businesses

If you’ve been anywhere near the search marketing / social marketing and SEO game in the last few years, you’ll know that a lot has changed!  Google has dramatically changed its ranking algorithm for one and that alone is enough to send most internet marketers into a frenzy.  Brands strive to produce engaging content more than ever to connect with fans and build positive brand association / brand appeal and ultimately convert into sales.  This […]

Opening Game: The World Cup and Business

The opener of the World Cup yesterday was a scorcher!   Forgetting the defensive failings of Brazil and the obvious weaknesses,  they still put on a show!   Croatia looked a strong side and on another night,  it could have been a very different scoreline!   End to end stuff though,  and that is always entertaining!

Pinning is Winning

Pinterest is great!   There’s no other way to say it! We’ve taken a real shine to the fairly new social platform,  which has exploded with popularity recently.   For good reason too,  where else can you “pin” your most liked visual content on a virtual board for all to see?!   RIP photoboard on the wall.

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