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Social Media Timing: The Crucial Factor

Okay,  so there is never a specifically good time to be social,  but there are certainly good times to be social networking!

5 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Twitter

Twitter is great, when it is used in the right way.  It can help you engage and acquire customers, build relationships, give great customer service and stay on top of trending topics. Since the wide scale adoption of social media for business however, Twitter is often utilised as an afterthought and a way to attempt to capitalize on the medium’s stellar success and popularity. The problem with

7 Reasons Why SEO is Valuable

The elusive top spot in Google, how much is it really worth?  Well forget the top spot, big firms pay big money to SEO specialists who can get them on the top page, and for good reason!

How to Email Outreach to Launch Your Content Marketing!

The Power of Outreach How many times have you created a fantastic piece of content, poured hours of work and thought into it, only to see it receive a few measly tweets and nothing more?  If your answer was anything other than never,  then read on my friend!  In this

B2B Or Not 2B

As a B2B business for over 10 years,  there are several things we have learned about the nature of marketing in the  B2B realm.   What separates us from the B2C’s of the world?   Do we need to think differently and why? The marketing lines between B2B and B2C businesses are becoming more blurred.   Depending on who you ask,  B2B and B2C principles don’t mix!   But we’re here as a B2B business to dispel […]

Guerilla Marketing: Techniques and Ideas

Like other Businesses out there,  we love the thought of Guerilla Marketing! Insight, innovation, creativity, shock, awe and humour are all things associated with a good Guerilla Campaign,  but where do you start?   The web is rife with Big company examples,  with memorable campaigns often being by big budget organisations aiming to make their brand more “fun”.  What we will dissect,  is the ingredients that make up a popular guerilla marketing campaign,  so that we […]

If You Want to Build Brand Image: Do These 5 Things Immediately!

Creating a good brand image is the goal of every business from the outset.  Good brand image = Good brand perception,  it’s how people perceive your brand and you want that to be good! A bad brand image is a one way ticket to

5 Reasons Email Marketing is not Dead: And How to Use it Properly

“Email is Dead!”, We’ve been hearing this expression for some time now, as internet marketers everywhere switch their marketing strategies to social and inbound marketing for the new “phase” of digital marketing.  Balony!  Email is well and truly alive and although it doesn’t hold the same marketing weight as it once used to,  it should be

8 Must Do’s for Giving Good Customer Service

Customer Service is easy right?  We all know the basics and know how to keep our customers coming back for more right?  Well not necessarily.  A lot of businesses assume they tick these boxes, but almost all have many areas for improvement, which is why we’ve

Glasgow’s Favourite Business 2014/15!

What an honour;  It’s official!  We are Glasgow’s Favourite Business 2014/15! We were presented with this prestigious award at a glitzy ceremony in the Hilton Glasgow; organised by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.  A fun night, enjoyed by all and enjoyed a lot more when

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