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7 Reasons Why SEO is Valuable

The elusive top spot in Google, how much is it really worth?  Well forget the top spot, big firms pay big money to SEO specialists who can get them on the top page, and for good reason!  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation; a holy grail of the inbound digital marketing world generates clear business benefits, and here are 7 reasons that it should be top of your list for marketing value for money.


1. It has a substantial ROI


The return on investment for SEO can be substantial, but it depends on the terms you are trying to rank for and what exactly you are spending to achieve that goal.  Being on the top page of Google let alone the top spot, for a lot of companies, is often worth thousands per year.  The benefit should be relatively obvious, as a high ranking in Google, especially for a high volume search term will generate a lot of traffic; a lot of that traffic will generate revenue and that will generate profit for your organisation.  44% of all online shopping begins with a Google search!  Make sure you’re part of it!


2. Your Traffic Will Skyrocket!


People often wonder what the traffic difference is between the top 10 spots on Google and how much more traffic the top spot generates over second or third place.  Through research what we’ve discovered is that the top spot receives around 34% – 36% of all traffic for the chosen search term and second place almost halves to around 17.5% with the third spot claiming around 11.4% of the search traffic.  Increasing your position up the ladder, will increase your traffic and traffic is key to all goals!  Whether you want to sell to people visiting the website or earn money from advertising, you need digital footfall to succeed!


3. SEO Boosts Brand Image and Quickly Increases Credibility


Credibility is an important trait for any marketer to achieve for the business, it is a form of trust and people must trust your business before they buy from you.  Being higher up in search engines will give your business more credibility and the higher you rise, the more you are seen as an authority website!  It boosts your marketing efforts and especially when you start implementing a Google review strategy, can amplify trust by a large margin.  Think about buying online, there are certain signals that naturally make you choose a certain website over others,  for example would you trust a website that is displayed at the top of the rankings or one that is on page 3?


4. SEO will increase the effectiveness of your website and its speed


The strive for good on page SEO will have untold benefits to the effectiveness of each page on the site.  From loading speed to design and style each element will not only make your website more attractive to potential buyers, but also increase page loading speed so that you minimise bounce rates.  Bounce rates are also a possible contributing factor to your Google ranking and having a low bounce rate means that you are doing SEO well.


5. It will allow you to steal market share from competitors


Whatever your keywords or search terms, whenever somebody searches for your business industry, if you don’t show up on the first page of Google, you can be sure some of your biggest competitors do.  When you begin to rank alongside your big competitors, it becomes an opportunity to showcase yourself as a better business and “steal” both customers and market share from them.  It’s the digital equivalent of having a store on the high street next door to your competitor.


6. You’ll receiving targeted & interested visitors who want to buy


Imagine you did not have to reach out to potential customers, send out waves and waves of email or call campaigns just to find potential customers who actually want to buy your product or service.  Well this is essentially what a top listing on Google will bring you; targeted, switched on and interested buyers inbound; a sales and marketing dream.  Interested and targeted buyers are more likely to make a purchase or at the very least engage with a call to action on your website and hence the value of having a high ranking is invaluable for inbound sales.


7. It will build brand image fast


The amount of traffic you receive from a high ranking on Google means that brand building becomes a lot easier.  High traffic volumes mean a large audience of which to introduce and hook with your branding and image, do it right and they’ll be customers for life and share your business with their own circles, further increasing your potential and reach.  Impressions are crucial for brand building, you want your name in front of as many people as possible and strong SEO will do that and steadily associate your brand with the search queries you rank for.


The Value and an Infographic!


SEO is valuable, very valuable.  Google is like the yellow pages of old but on a much much bigger scale and being high on the search rankings is akin to having a screaming full page ad in the book!  Older directory metaphors aside, SEO is great and for most businesses it is a worthwhile venture, substantially increasing revenue and generating a high ROI.  The  only issue is navigating through the countless “SEO” firms out there to find a company that will manage SEO effectively but without charging a fortune.  Don’t be tempted to look for cheap labour overseas,  although you may be lucky and find a quality organisation, most are not worth the time, often using outdated linking methods and earning your site a one way ticket to a Google penalty!  Take your time, know what your exact goals are for SEO; what you want to realistically achieve, research the company and then discuss in detail with them what they can offer you!

We’ve included a lovely infographic from that shows a lot of info on the benefits of SEO and includes some interesting figures that back up our article nicely! “70% Women and 80% men used search engines to find local businesses online” That’s why we love SEO!

Enjoy, we’ll see you at the top!

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