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5 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Twitter

Twitter is great, when it is used in the right way.  It can help you engage and acquire customers, build relationships, give great customer service and stay on top of trending topics. Since the wide scale adoption of social media for business however, Twitter is often utilised as an afterthought and a way to attempt to capitalize on the medium’s stellar success and popularity. The problem with this lies with the same issue as everything in business, jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of capitalising on something you neither understand nor have interest in, is going to result in failure.

As it so happens, many businesses are caught in this rut and can’t understand what they are doing wrong. That’s why we’re here to mythbust your preconceptions about social media and shed light on 5 things you’re potentially doing wrong with Twitter.


1.  You think Follower count is important

The biggest misconception about Twitter, is that more followers = more success and is the reason why many companies such as Twiends exist. Of course if you had zero followers, you would receive zero interest or business but the truth is that the numbers don’t matter all that much, it’s how you’re engaging with them! We’ve seen it countless amount of times, twitter accounts with sky high followers in excess of 40,000, yet they receive little to no re-tweets or favourites on any of their tweets. While the number may look good initially to users visiting your profile, it subsequently looks much worse when users notice such a high authority account receiving little to no engagement on their tweets and putting out low quality content. This detracts from the value of the account and leads many users to believe that the account has simply bought followers (never use this option).

Focus on building engagement with your followers and ensure that the majority of users you follow are those that could potentially bring benefit to your business. If  you’re a B2B organisation like us, follow other SME’s out there!


2. You’re hanging on to followers or friends that don’t add value

When you follow an account on Twitter you are normally hopeful they will reciprocate, if they do not; their tweets in your news feed, must at least provide you with some value. If you are gaining nothing from following them and they do not follow you back, there is little point in attaining and holding on to that user, simply unfollow them to avoid clogging up your account. As a tip make sure you check when the account last tweeted before you unfollow them, they may not have been online since you added them so give their profile a quick check to see whether they have been active, if they have, give it a one week window to allow them to follow you back or to decided whether following them does provide any value to your news feed. Secondly, when and if your target accounts follow you back, throw out a few thank you tweets and ask how they are doing, get the engagement ball rolling.


3. You’re not engaging beyond initial small talk

When you add another account or are added, it’s all good and well saying a customary hello, but that’s akin to saying hello and nothing more to a potential customer in a real life situation; you simply wouldn’t leave it at that. As you would expect to engage and converse with customers and clients in real life, so should you over Twitter; the same etiquette is applied to social media, after all there is a real life person behind the keyboard / mobile device of the account you’re targeting, so treat them like one.  Whether its through a keyboard or a mobile phone the concept is the same, you should actively engage with social contacts; ask them questions and comment on their products and services to show interest and they will likely reciprocate and be willing to give your business the time of day and in some cases even promote you.


4. You’re not ReTweeting others

Part of the whole engagement process on Twitter is retweeting others. Nothing shouts interest or engagement like a ReTweet, think about how it feels when someone ReTweets your content, they’re sharing it to all their own followers and when this happens, usually you’re over the moon! So start ReTweeting the content from other accounts occasionally and show that you have a wider appreciation for your circle and aren’t simply interested in your own self importance as a business. Be careful here though, we’re not recommending that you go out and ReTweet anything, choose content that you like and that won’t look out of place on your news feed or won’t have your followers confused and wondering why you are ReTweeting said content. It goes without saying, avoid RT’ing competitor’s posts, but be humourous and RT  interesting and funny content to maximise engagement.


5. You’re relying on Twitter as a one trick pony

The sole purpose of social media for many is to try and generate direct sales or leads from the platform and turn them into revenue. This is favourable if you can crack it as a b2b organisation and you’ve managed to generate a revenue stream from social media, but you’re most likely overlooking the fact that social media, and Twitter in particular, can integrate many functions of your business. You should be using it as a research tool, both for finding customers and to find out what you’re competitors doing. Nothing will give you insight into competitor’s activity like Twitter can. Secondly, use it as a customer service tool, offering to answer any questions or queries over Twitter can often save you time and money which you would normally allocate to your phone or email support. Thirdly, and my personal favourite; use social media to generate new leads to target via email or phone campaigns. What in the real world would be cold calling can be made slightly warmer by using social media to follow and be followed by businesses you wish to target and then using their Twitter information to add them to an email or outbound sales campaign, better yet create a new campaign for the sole purpose of taking your Twitter relationship to the next level and converting all your potential leads from Twitter. Build on the Twitter connection in your email / phone campaign as a way in;  “Hi, we follow each other on Twitter but I wanted to ask…” it’s as simple as that. If you have a good connection with the clients over twitter and ReTweet / favourite each other’s content, then they should be happy to hear from you.


We’ve included a nice infographic below to break the five points down visually. It’s straightforward and we’ve made it nice and shareable so you’re free to use the infographic as you wish, just link back to BIG In The UK when using it please.


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5 Things You’re Doing Wrong On Twitter


There we have it 5 things you’re currently doing wrong with Twitter, sort them out if you fall under any 5 of points made above and enjoy the best engagement and business potential you’ve had since you started tweeting! We’ll see you on there! @bigintheuk

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