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5 Simple SEO Tricks You’re Not Doing

We’ve done much research on the SEO game;  through Hummingbirds, Pandas and Penguins!  Through it all we’ve picked up a lot of good and not so good information and changed our strategy accordingly and so should you, if you are still behind the following 5 things:


1: You’re using outdated linking methods!

Gone are the days of throwing links into comment sections of “high ranking” web pages in a bid to get some good link juice!  Don’t do it!  Google doesn’t like it and neither should you.  Adding to this, the fact that most websites now NoFollow such links anyway, meaning they will not directly effect your ranking!  We can’t count the number of comments we receive on our blog posts from people who obviously haven’t kept up with the times and still use such dated SEO tactics, but hey, that’s what the spam button is for!  Instead look to more natural ways to build links:  contact your current clients and influencers and ask whether they wouldn’t mind mentioning you in a link or blog post themselves, if they use your products already.  Why not ask for an honest review.


“Stop Building Comment Links Right NOW!”


2: You’re not using dynamic & keyword punchy titles!

You want your engaging and well written piece of content to rank well don’t you?  Make sure you have a good title with a couple of your main keywords in there!  Research and Google the keywords that you want to rank your content for and see what titles people are using.  Remember each word in your title will be picked up by Google so make the it a long tail search phrase that is underused, can be split into different searches and still uses your main keywords.  The trick is to make it a dynamic search term, in that people can search for different phrases but still find your article.  For example our Guerilla Marketing: Techniques and Ideas post,  is dynamic in that it shows on Google for Guerilla Marketing Techniques, Guerilla Marketing Ideas and the second part of the phrase exact matched “Marketing Techniques & Ideas”.  You see we’ve integrated two search terms in the length of the title and we recommend you  do to.  Use your main keywords and a colon to join it to a more descriptive term; like this blog title!


“Rank 1 Post For Many Different Phrases”


3: You’re not on Tumblr!

This is a little known fact:  Tumblr is an SEO goldmine!  Why?  Because its one of the only social media platforms that still gives out DoFollow Links!  So get backlinking on it!  Adding to that fact is, its awesome!  We cant stop sharing on the thing,  think twitter but more expressive and artful!  Resist the temptation to use it only as syndication platform and create unique engaging content on it to maximise the potential from it!  Follow the same white hat rules you would for your website when creating a link;  don’t overdo or spam your post and make sure it is a relevant, useful and well placed link!  Reblog and favourite other’s posts and as you build a following people will reblog your content, meaning they recreate your blog post for their own audience, and if you think of every reblog as another backlink, well you see the potential here!  As your popularity grows and the reblogs start flowing; people are essentially creating a powerful amount of backlinks for your chosen keyword, and that is just swell! (HINT) give your posts a custom URL using the advanced settings option, allowing them to rank well on Google for your chosen term!


“Tumblr Is An SEO Goldmine!  Start Digging”


4: You’re not using Infographics!

Infographics are a great way to invite sharing! You’re providing people with something they can use themselves in their own content and shares as opposed to a blog that they cannot copy or use! Thus infographics instantly become more useful to others over traditional written content!  If you don’t have the design know how to create one yourself, there are tools available such as and Don’t be afraid to share other’s infographics too, that’s what they’re meant for after all!  Just remember to reference the source and link back to them!  See,  you’re helping yourself and them,  once you get creating yourself,  other people will do this for your content!  (HINT) Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to finding useful infographics on just about anything!  Try it out and if you’re not on Pinterest already get yourself signed up;  a fantastic platform to represent your brand visually!


“Visual Graphics Invite Wayyy More Sharing”


5: You’re not using Hyphens in your URLs instead of Underscores!

Change em!  Google doesn’t count your underscores as word separators and so your incredibly amazing, keyword specific, blog title won’t look as such to Google’s SERPS!  Use Hyphens for proper separation and de-clutter the rest of the URL, meaning take away all those nasty “%_$” signs and keep it clean.  Underscores are seen as word joiners by Google so Promo_Items is seen as Promoitems,  not good!  Clean them up!  If you are cleaning up your content URLs, what a good time to review all your website URLs, making sure of the same principal and de-cluttering each link!  There is debate as to whether a short URL is more beneficial for ranking, but we don’t feel it is a huge deal, as-long-as-its-not-absurdly-long-so-much-so-that-it-looks-like-it-will-never-end!  Stay away from that and you’ll be fine!


“Underscores Don’t Count as Word Separators”



There we have a check-list of what not to do’s.  5 simple and easy to rectify solutions that will have a BIG impact on your new SEO game.  If you are still behind any of the above, it’s time for a reshuffle, remember your Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbirds have changed the SEO landscape for good.  It’s all about quality and content and providing an excellent offering in order to position yourself at the top of Google!  You can no longer game the system, so instead it is a chance to review your business for good and really grow yourself into a big hitter,  no more pretending!  Refer to the above and use it to start pushing out useful content that will really promote your business and polish your game!



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