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20 Best Blogs for Small Business

If you’re reading this, or you’ve read our previous articles, you’ll understand the importance we place on blogs; particularly for business (small business even more so)! Whether you’re a B2B organisation or you sell directly to consumers, you or your marketing department should be reading other blogs. Business blogs will firstly provide you with inspiration for your own blogging practices and secondly; sharpen your business functions of SEO, Marketing, Advertising and Design. After all, blogs are written to provide value to their reader, and the best business blogs give details of how you can better your core functions.

We’ve carefully selected each website below as one of the 5 best in its category at providing quality information to assist your growing business.




What do they do for your Business?

Real game changing blogs that help you rank your website higher in Google’s search algorithm. A crucial function of your digital marketing efforts; Better rank = More Business.


1. Backlinko

An incredible resource from Brian Dean and one that we frequently visit. He provides quality articles that have taken time to write and been thought out carefully. Adding to this, is the fact that he’s giving out some top industry secrets and since he’s one of the top SEO professionals in the world you have a reason to read every article. No matter how big or small your business is you will find this resource incredibly useful.


2. MOZ

Many people’s first choice as a resource on SEO. MOZ is a large organisation, provide their own metrics for ranking and conduct their own research into ranking factors. They have a wealth of experienced blog authors on the subject of SEO and once upon a time, Google used to factor MOZ rank into its search algorithm. That alone should give you insight into the importance of MOZ for SEO.


3. Search Engine Watch

Another great blog, featuring posts from various authors, is updated frequently and provides helpful content that will get you on the right path to backlink righteousness. They often have updates on the nature of the SEO landscape well before other websites and they are quick to report on changes in the search algorithm.


4. Search Engine Land

A similar style of site to Search Engine Watch. They are quick to report on new developments in the SEO and provide some interesting and useful articles. Very active on Adwords best practices, they provide good insights into Google’s pay per click engine.


5.  Matt Cutts Blog

The authority on all of Google’s search antics. He is head of Google’s webspam team, which means what he shares about Google’s thoughts on linking factors and spam is vitally important to your activities, in fact it’s the be all and end all of SEO. So watch his Blog to keep up to date with what’s happening on Google’s side.





What do they do for your Business?

Make sure your advertising function, however big or small, is working effectively and helping you generate the best ROI you can. Most of the listed blogs focus on digital advertising and they dig up some very good, and some not so good, examples of online adverts to give you a picture of what works and what doesn’t in the online ad space.


1. More About Advertising

A fantastic resource on advertising activity in the UK space. It is a very popular blog / site and it’s updated with all manner of advertising mumbo jumbo!


2. AdFreak

A blog from the Adweek website on the best and worst of advertising. They pick out some shining examples that otherwise wouldn’t have caught our eye (often from overseas) and are a great resource for research on what is currently working around the globe.


3. AdverBlog

Similar to Adweek, Adverblog manage to pick out great internet examples of advertising on a daily basis and offer good experienced critique into what makes the specific ad campaign good and where it could improve.


4. Ads Of The World

Ads of the world functions as an archive of adverts ranging from recent gems to the golden oldies, a great research resource!


5.  Adage

Ad Age is a favourite of ours, although they don’t focus solely on Advertising, what they do is a lot more in depth than most blogs. Rather than focus on analysing new ad campaigns from organisations, they aim to provide value and content articles on what you should be doing.





What do they do for your business?

Marketing is the core function for promoting your business, it is broad in nature and often difficult to get just right. These 5 blogs offer great articles and insights, report on good and bad organisational marketing activity and cover various other topics in the world of digital marketing.


1. Hubspot

Our first choice when it comes to marketing content. Hubspot is a regular and valuable resource on all things marketing. The authors know their stuff and each article is insightful and useful for your business. Instead of simply reviewing other’s campaigns, they aim to provide real value and how-to’s!


2. Seth Godin

Somewhat of a marketing guru. Anyone who knows anything about marketing will tell inform you of the popularity of Seth Godin. His blog isn’t too shabby either, check it out for insightful and creative marketing articles that share Seth’s experience and knowledge of the industry.


3. Forbes

Although an all round business magazine, Forbes is always a top provider of marketing content and each post is packed full of useful marketing and business sense. A top resource.


4. Harvard Business Review

Features blogs on various forms of marketing and business. Extremely well written and intelligent discussions, as you might expect from a subsidiary of Harvard Business School.


5. The Drum

The Drum is a great marketing resource, it covers all manner of digital marketing and regularly provides great articles on creative marketing campaigns, what works and what doesn’t. They focus more on marketing than a lot of the other sites here and they were voted the media brand of the year!





What do they do for your business?

Design is a core function of business no matter what you do. Whether its company logos, flyers or email campaigns; the following design websites will keep you on your toes with what is current and give you fresh ideas for your business. Furthermore the websites are a joy to look at!


1. Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting has been around since 2003 and is a great source of inspiration and insight for both budding designers and experienced pros alike! They constantly have in depth interviews with some of the most experienced designers in the field and can inspire that oh so important spark!


2. Creative Bloq

A great design showcase and resource. They regularly post great design content but also provide very useful tutorials on graphic design! A must visit resource to learn and gain fresh inspirations for your own designs / business.


3. The Design Blog

Great site design and articles on all aspects of graphic design.


4. Design Modo

Design Modo is a little different from the other blogs in that it provides a more technical stance on design and tutorials. Dealing with coding how to’s they manage to balance standard graphic design articles with insight into how to pretty up the standard 1′s and 0′s.


5. You The Designer

You The Designer is a great new design blog, specialising in graphic design. The site is bold and interesting and provides some great articles. Furthermore their inspiration section and freebies are must visits for your designer / design team!



The BIG Business Blog


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